Gravity separators

The working principle of these separators is based on the separation of the flow passing through the unit by the means of gravity. Gravity separators consist of tanks larger than the diameter of the pipeline through which the gas passes.

Gas flows through the pipes at a low speed so that the particles of water and rock would have time to settle at the bottom of the tank. The purified oil is flowing further to the outlet pipes.

Depending on the direction of gas flow, the following types of gravity separators are distinguished:

  • Vertical gravity separators

The vertical gravity separator unit is a cylinder-shaped body equipped with: short pipes for the input of formation fluid and output of liquid and gas, devices for prevention and regulation, as well as special elements for the separation of liquids.

  • Horizontal gravity separators

The horizontal gravity separator is made of a tank containing 2 at an angle placed shelves, de-foamer, a liquid separator and a device that prevents the occurrence of a funnel during the process of oil drainage. The horizontal gravity separator is equipped with a pipe for the input of formation fluid, phase outlets and a manhole.